One Word Entrepreneurial Success Shift – Growth Strategy

Entrepreneurial Success Shift – Growth Strategy

Did you know there’s one word that can hold you back in your business and from real entrepreneurial success?
There’s also one word that can move you forward in your business.

This is about your business success and what’s holding you back and what you need to stop doing and start doing today, to make a significant difference in your overall business.

So without any further Ado let’s get in to what is the one word that is preventing your success.
Drum roll please …

Complaining is the one thing that you need to stop doing as quickly as possible in your business.  If you want to have true entrepreneurial success.

I know being an entrepreneur is difficult.  We all, especially when we’re new and our journey we struggle with traffic, have trouble with sales, we have trouble with some of the different aspects of our business. It’s really easy to fall into the Trap of complaining about it, but the more we complain about it the less we are having great ideas to solve some of those problems.

Find the Opportunities

All problems, all complaints are opportunities that we can truly address and move forward in our business, but if we sit stuck in complaining we will never go forward in our business.. So one thing I wanted to let you know, is we all struggle with some of the same common problems…

  • You need more customers
  • We all  need more sales
  • You all struggle with roadblocks that prevent something

If you are stuck in the cycle of complaining stop it!

Stop complaining as quickly as possible and be very careful not to think that you’re not complaining when you’re stating a fact. Such as “this person didn’t get the opportunity” or “I don’t understand why this person didn’t invest” or “I didn’t understand why this person went with a competitor.” I just don’t or you’re mad about the fact that they didn’t go with you.

Entrepreneurial Mindset Success Shift

All those are all opportunities to ask questions. As far as the other person, you should ask if maybe if I work on my messaging, should I work on my sales approach, or should I work on client ease of acquisition. Sometimes people don’t purchase just because it’s difficult to purchase or there’s no obvious pricing or there’s something behind the scenes that’s actually causing them to not make a purchase. It may have nothing to do with you.

So what is on word you need to start doing to make massive changes in your business?
The new word of the day is…


There is nothing that will take you farther in your business than taking action. Doing the things that make your business move forward. Now, I’m not talking about hustling. It’s not about busy work. I’m not talking about posting on every single social media platform and working 24 hours a day.

Entrepreneurial Success 80-20 Rule

I am talking about the 80-20 rule. It’s about the 20% of things you do that are actually moving your business forward and that are creating Real Results in your business. Those are the only things you should be doing. Drop the other 80% if it is not serving your current clientele or bringing in new customers you are not helping your business grow.

So what are companies that are truly successful doing?
They’re doing things to…

  • get prospects
  • Grow strategically
  • remove roadblocks

Sometimes that means hiring out some stuff. As entrepreneurs, especially when we’re just starting out and money is tight it is so hard to ask for help and or pay for help, but it’s critically important. Get help in the areas that you struggle with and the areas that you’re not competent in.

My advice to you is “stop complaining and start doing today!” Do it with a smile on your face. Do it knowing that doing the right things is going to make massive changes in your business. Today can be the first day that you see true growth because you’re going to be doing the right things.

You have the right success mindset to…..

Stop complaining and Start Doing today!

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