Time Management – Double your productivity today

Time Management – Double your productivity today

I know you’re busy so I put together a quick article & video to help you double your productivity today.  Not in a week from now, not in a month from now, not even next quarter. You can take these strategies and the system that I’m about to talk about and put it in place today to get as much on your to-do list down as possible. You will feel so much more in control and less overwhelmed just in the next couple minutes being able to absorb this for strategy.

If you haven’t heard from me my name is Pam and I help small business owners simplify and automate their business, both offline and online. We maximize their growth by making things run simpler, better, faster,and at less cost than they did before.

Run a simpler, better, faster way

With that being said, being as productive with your time as possible is a huge strategy to maximize your business growth and honestly improve your overall life quality. The system I use and want to talk about because it’s helped me tremendously and if you haven’t don’t have a system in place, it will help.

Lot of times we just make a huge to-do list and we hope we get some of it done at the end of the day.  I don’t know if you’ve been like this where you have 20 things on your list to get done and you might only have got two done, because life happens, and things come up.

This is a strategy to double your productivity.

There’s two elements, one of them is setting goals.

This sounds simple. It’s a lot more complicated than that, because a lot of times we think we set goals, we say them in our head, but we don’t write them down. Also sometimes we’re not smart about our goals. I’m not talking about those big yearly goals, or even the ones in a quarter. I’m talking about what are you going to get done this month what are you going to get done this week to get done what you need to this month so it’s so important to actually write down your goals not just think I’m in your head or talk to him with a friend, write them down and when are you write them down be very specific and smart.

If you don’t know what SMART goals are we’re going to talk about that real quick because it’s very important when you’re setting goals, smart goals is an acronym, it’s for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-based. I want to go through each one of those real quick.


What specifically is your goal related to? Do you want to improve Facebook ads?  Do you want to improve your email marketing, or you want to improve your website? That’s somewhat specific, but I want you to get down to it what specifically do you want to improve on your website. Do you want to improve the conversion? Or do you want to improve the graphics? Do you want to improve the look?


Part of that is measurable so it needs to be a measurable or quantifiable goal so that you know whether you achieved it or not. If you want to improve your Facebook.  Do you want to improve engagement Impressions, likes, or follows? Be very specific but also put a number to it. Do you want to improve your followers by 10?  Do you want double your productivity by getting 5 more things done before noon?

That’s really important when you’re setting goals to know that you actually achieved them by having a numeric quantifiable way to say, “hey I met that goal today” and feel really good about it. The other thing is you want to have it be achievable & realistic. Sometimes these are one in the same but they’re very different too. Do you have the skill-set? Or do you have the knowledge? Do you have the time to get this done?

Achievable & Realistic

If you’re there not achievable and they’re not realistic.

You will be really frustrated with that goal now if you don’t have the knowledge or time. Can buy the time? If you can get with somebody that has that knowledge, you can get it done. When you’re thinking through the goals, make sure it’s actually a achievable either with your income, your skill-set, or your ability to tap somebody on the shoulder to get it done for you. Be very realistic about that, otherwise you just get frustrated with it.


The other part of that, is the time base, are you going to get it done this week?

When is it due by? If you’re going to get it this month what week, are you committed to getting it done by that Friday or that Monday? If you’re going to do YouTube or Facebook live you know what day of the week are you going to do that. What is your goal and how are you going to get there? It’s very important to set goals and set smart goals.

WRITE IT DOWN to double your productivity

The other part of this, when you’re doing it to do list, write it down. I am still into the Good Old fashion planner.

They have different versions, different styles, but I like something I can throw in my purse when I go. I’m still a list person.

A list that’s very important.  When you do it is make sure you put some quantifiable metrics on that list. One thing that’s a really easy idea is an ABC method. A’s are your high priority B’s are your mid-level priority and C’s if you don’t get them done you’re okay with it.  It’s easy sometimes to move them to next day and then next day. Also C’s sometimes they’re the ones that are only 5-10 minutes a shot.

Not everything’s a priority.

There should be one to three things that are absolutely important for you to get done that day.  Write down the things you need done in your day and your business in your life and put an A , B, or C down.  Put an A next to 1 or 3 things only.

Add a B next to 1 or 3 things, now you can do this all the way through the whole alphabet. Honestly most things you do in a day or either high priority, medium priority, or low priority, Low priority sometimes are things that are really “nice to” get done.  Those are also things that are typically pretty cheap to  outsource.  A priority items are typically things that only you can do. Business owner key task are critically important to get done that day.

In Conclusion

That is the 2 tips help you out. Set some goals, set some smart goals and then when you write them down. Write what you need to get done today make sure you have your ABC priority as far as high, low, medium.

Also be realistic about low priority things if they don’t need done don’t write them down.

Learning how to double your productivity will help you out, even just in a little way.

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I hope that I can help you in the future.